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Гостиницы of Moscow / Hotel Mettalurg

Hotel Mettalurg

Гостиница Mettalurg 2 звезды

Hotel address Mettalurg:
Moscow, Oktyabrskij Side-street,12
Nearest signs: Rizhskiy railway station, Savyolovskiy railway station, Metro station Novoslobodskaya, Metro station Prospekt Mira (KL) ,

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Hotel description Mettalurg

The hotel «The Metallurg» represents the high lilac building located near to the underground stations «Rijskaya» and «Novoslobodskaya». The location of the hotel «The Metallurg» is most convenient for the visitors of Moscow arriving to exhibitions, passing in a sport center «Olympic», and prices of this hotel do its accessible for everyone. As the hotel is a part of business center, mainly businessmen stop here.

Hotel services:

Air/train cash department, Internet, Negotiation room, Phone, The order of taxi, Wi-fi access.

Phone:  8 (800) 775-62-71