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Invitation providing

1. Data input → 2. Check → 3. Payment → 4. Contacting the consulate

Hottel company offers our clients the service of issuance of the invitation, which is the basis for delivery of the Russian visa to the foreign citizen.
The invitation is included in a list of required documents for submission to the consulate of the Russian Federation abroad.
Attention! The invitation isn't the document that grants the right of entrance to Russia.

Nationality Number of entries Price Providing
Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, Аustralia Visa support (period of stay till 21 days) 890 RUR (~$30) online
Other countries Visa support (period of stay till 21 days) 2590 RUR (~$90) offline

Enter the visa recipient's details

Fill the tourist data. After payment print the invitation and visit the nearest Russian Consulate with passport. The term of visa issue at consulate is 4-5 working days.

Attention please! Your reservation will be checked by the embassy, this fact may become a reason of visa denial.

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