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Гостиницы of Moscow / Hotel AST GOF / Room Standard single


Гостиница AST GOF 3 звезды

Hotel address AST GOF:
121309, Moscow, Bol. Filevskaya Str., 25 /1
Nearest signs: Metro station Bagrationovskaya, Metro station Fili

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Hotel room AST GOF
The cost of living for the entire period    to 

Standard single — Hotel room AST GOF

The living area of the a one-room standard hotel appartment of hotel Ast Gof is nearly 8 sq.m. In a room there is sesquialteral bed, a , a chair, a phone and a TV-set.The bathroom is not separeted from the toilet and equipped with sanitary engeneering of domestic production.

Room category 1 person 2 persons
Standard single
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Price periods for room Standard single

Period SGL
1 person in double
2 persons in double


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